AIRTEK // JPA Design / William Advanced Engineering / SWS
May, 2021
3DS Max / Corona Renderer
AIRTEK is a seat developed collaboratively by JPA Design, Williams Advanced Engineering, and SWS Aircraft Certification; The ultimate product meeting and exceeding the needs of contemporary business class seating solutions, whilst offering weight savings to help airlines reduce costs, and achieve carbon targets.
The Digital Experience Video was produced in-house, by myself. The main model was produced using Rhino by our designers, and I retopologised parts in 3DS Max, depending on the quality of the import, and how they were featured in the shot (notably the shell surround, and doors). All cushioned parts were modelled in Max to achieve a softer form, and allow for cleaner unwrapping and texturing. Everything was rendered in Corona renderer, with colour correction, compositing, and editing done in After Effects.