Perspective - Rethinking Social Housing

A housing platform for people aged 20-30, that develops according to their needs, and allows them to explore their careers and social lives without any concerns about outgrowing their accommodation.

By designing a solution which works within ‘hubs’, separating the users’ space from the function, the pitfalls of competing designs have been mitigated, and more focus has be placed on optimising the space around people’s lifestyles, rather than fundamentally challenging the way people live.

The hubs contain all functional aspects that cannot be contained within the units due to space constraints.

The units are ‘plug and play’ within the hubs, and quick connect fittings are used to connect water and waste to the units, with electricity and data cables to each unit using existing standards.

As well as simply being a place for the units to attach to, and depending on the scale, the hubs can be built to increase focus on social interaction, be built around sustainable power, encouraging community building, or around any other social desires and requirements.